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Order Delivery

Ordering and deliveries

We deliver products exclusively thru the Finnish postal service or Matkahuolto. Ordering is done simply by registering onto our website, adding items into the shopping cart and finalizing the order.

All international orders are sent thru the Finnish postal service. http://www.posti.fi/english/

You can also order by e-mailing us: info(at)AutoTune.fi

We will contact you regarding the order and also confirm availability, total sum, as well as payment and shipping.


We accept VISA/Mastercard, wire-transfer and cash-on-delivery (only applies to domestic Finnish customers).

All international orders are required to be prepaid by wire-transfer.

Finnish postal-services accept (since 12.08.2010): cash and debit cards, VISA, VISA Electron, Eurocard, Mastercard, OK, Diners Club and Maestro Online. Smaller local postal-agents choose their payment methods individually and you will have to make sure your intended payment method is accepted by them in advance.


We deliver all products within 1-2 business days if they are in stock. International orders are shipped immediately after receiving payment. If the ordered product is out of stock we will inform the customer by e-mail.

Domestic shipping is done thru the Finnish postal-service or Matkahuolto. As default we send all shipments thru the Finnish postal-service, because it is significantly cheaper. Orders paid thru wire-transfer or credit card do not incur extra cost. Only local shipping costs will be added. All consignments sent thru the Finnish postal-service are sent as packages because only packages can be tracked.

Consignments are sent thru Matkahuolto only for prepaid orders and by ”receiver pays shipping” –method. This way the customer pays the actual costs to Matkahuolto and nothing extra. Matkahuolto shipping costs are usually higher than thru the Finnish postal-service, but as Matkahuolto also accepts large consignments and long parcels then it is often the only method of delivery for some products.


Finnish postal-service. Shipping price including possible COD-cost are added to the total sum of the order. Prices are (12.08.2010) the following:

Postal package (prepaid) vs.      Postal package (cash on delivery, COD)

0-2 kg = 9 euro                               0-2 kg = 12 euro

2-5 kg = 10 euro                             2-5 kg = 14 euro

5-15kg = 13 euro                             5-15kg = 17 euro

15-30kg = 18 euro                           15-30kg = 22 euro

Products can also be shipped by letter or ”maxi-letter”. All such deliveries are billed in advance. We do not ship COD –letters.  COD –shipments are always sent as packages according to the table above.

Matkahuolto. The customer pays all shipping costs when picking up the package at his local Matkahuolto agent. Matkahuolto charges all costs according to their own prices. Shipping thru Matkahuolto always requires the order to be paid in advance.

Prices and payments

All of our prices are directly connected to the euro/dollar-rate and therefore subject to change without notice. Custom made orders (products that are assembled or manufactured on order) are always billed in advance.

Our suppliers ship goods on a 1-4 week cycle, so we are able to supply most of our product range quickly. Delivery-times of some products may unfortunately be months, if they are out of stock in our suppliers warehouses.

Exchanges / Returns

All of our products may be exchanged / returned according to European legislation. (10 days exchange and return in Finland) when the following terms are fulfilled:

  1. The product has been supplied thru the Finnish postal-service or Matkahuolto. Products purchased directly from our facilities or from fairs or similar sales-events are not subject to exchange / return.
  2. Custom made or manufactured on order products (for example specific brand-related wiring kit), are not subject to exchange / return, unless it contains a fault in manufacturing or is DOA (dead on arrival). When in doubt, contact us by e-mail.
  3. The product is unused and unharmed. The product must be returned in its original packaging.
  4. Inform us in that you intend to exchange / return the product and request a customer-return number by e-mail.
  5. Package the product well and include the original shipping-list or invoice.
  6. Send the package thru the Finnish postal-service, clearly marked as “Customer return”. Packages sent in any other way will not be accepted.
  7. Notify us of your bank details so that we may return your money if needed.

Before installing any part!

Make sure that you know how to install the products you have ordered, or use a certified install service. If you are in any way unsure on how to install the product then please contact us before attempting the install. You reach us best by e-mail: info(at)Autotune.fi


All our products are covered by warranty. We guarantee, that all products sold function and that they are tested by the manufacturer. In case of faulty products, please contact us immediately by e-mail so that we can decide on further actions. If further investigation uncovers a defect in materials or workmanship, we will repair the product or replace it with a similar product.

Warranty does not extend to processors or other semiconductor products and does cover products that have been broken during faulty install. Other costs incurred due to faulty products are also not covered. No warranty is given to ECU:s that have been modified or adjusted by the customer or other costs incurred due to failure of such a device. ALL installations and adjustments to any ECU supplied by AutoTune.fi are the customers responsibility and without warranty.